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Selling to UsUpdated a year ago

Can I sell my items to you?

In short, Yes! 
However, we only buy deadstock condition shoes that are listed on our want-to-buy lists. We do not sell used shoes, so we would not be interested in buying used shoes either.

How do I find out what you are looking to buy?

Our lists can be accessed via our discord server, you can join our discord by clicking HERE. Our stores will not be able to answer any selling-related questions either by phone call, e-mail or in person as our buying teams are only reachable via Discord.

Can I come into one of your stores and sell my item on the spot?

No, you must be a member of our Discord server to be able to sell to us. Our In-store cash-out lists are quite small and our in-store sales staff are unable to check what is on the lists.

Do you accept trades?


Would you ever be interested in purchasing items that are not on your list, even if they are super rare?

Unfortunately not, we are only interested on what is on our lists.

Do you authenticate shoes?

Unfortunately, we do not provide a free or paid authentication service.

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